We help you engage with the 90% or more visitors who leave your site everyday without converting

Smarter Click realises there is a strong need to help marketers who are constantly combating shopping cart abandonment and looking for ways to save potentially lost sales.

Our simple software service gives website marketers the power to increase leads and sales across any number of pages & websites generating more revenue from your current marketing channels. Within minutes you can have an account which allows you & us to build an overlay which pushes the message you want to portray to the visitors you most want to target. We track the mouse movements & overall behaviour of your visitors to target them accordingly.

Client Dashboard

Have full control, with complete visibility, over your campaigns

No Contracts

We won’t tie you up in contracts and legalese or commitments

No fixed fees

We’re CPA only, forever.

No Minimum Terms

No matter how big or small you are, we can help

Complete Support

From campaign creation to optimisation, we’re here for you all the way through

Instant changes

The first ever provider to let you adjust your campaigns in real time

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Please contact us if you need more materials.

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